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Emma Pitts

Student Affairs Coordinator and Teacher

Emma grew up in Portsmouth, England and gave her life to the Lord as a teenager. Music was a big part of Emma’s life from childhood – taking piano and clarinet lessons from a young age as well as being involved in numerous vocal and orchestral groups. Almost as soon as she became a Christian, Emma began serving on a worship team – and has done ever since! Having graduated with a music degree in London, she attended the 1st year of the School of Worship in 2007-2008. Upon returning to England Emma completed a teaching qualification and began to work as a private instrumental teacher and classroom music teacher; primarily with high school age students.

In 2010 Emma moved to Taunton England, joined the Living Light congregation and continued her teaching career as well as advancing her education with an MA in Applied Theology. Returning to complete the 2nd year program of the School of Worship in 2015-16 Emma met her husband Zach and has since relocated to Racine, Wisconsin. Zach and Emma now have two beautiful girls Ariadne and Freya. Emma is an active part of the worship teams within her church congregation and has assisted in worship training within other local churches.

Emma thoroughly enjoys many forms of music with a particular soft spot for musicals.