Hear from Alumni

Jen Ledger, SKILLET and LEDGER – Class of ’07

“My time at Living Light School of Worship was one of the most impactful and defining years in my life. It not only strengthened me as a musician, but it truly transformed my walk with God.”

Testimonies from Class of 2016

“A lot of people come into the school of worship thinking it’s just a music school, but it’s not; It’s about worship in every aspect of our lives and fully permeating everything that we do, not just a Sunday morning and not just in our music.”

– Andrew Leifker – Cadillac MI, Class of ’15

Morne Van Rensburg
“Through this year I have discovered the power of prayer – I have seen the power it has to change relationships, to heal our hearts, and completely change our lives from the inside out.”

Morne Van Rensburg – Taunton, England, Class of ’15

Kendra Duffield
“In coming to the school, I realized that even though I had previously led thousands of people in worship, I had just scratched the surface of what worship really is. Learning how much God wants to speak to His people in worship has changed the way I lead and my lifestyle as a worshiper.”

Kendra Duffield – Jacksonville, FL., Class of ‘03

Juan Padilla
“Whatever life throws at you – good or bad – I learned to put those things to the side and just come before God and worship Him, because He is good all the time and He is always worthy of our praise.”

Juan Padilla – Texas, Class of ’16

Lucy Thorne
“God has given me so much revelation of His heart and for people and I’ve grown in a passion to see the Church – the people of God – mature to be all that He’s called them to be.”

Lucy Thorne – Wellington, England, Class of ’15

Pascal Barth
“Learning to live by and be filled with God’s grace gave me freedom to express myself in worship.”

Pascal Barth – Switzerland, Class of ’13

Malin Donnelly Lewis
“I encountered God in such a new and loving way that changed my life.”

Malin Donnelly Lewis – Herten, Germany, Class of ’13

David Ledger
“I can honestly say that this nine-month program has been the most inspiring, thought-provoking, and enjoyable period of my life. Over this time I’ve developed a more intimate relationship with the living God, I’ve experienced the life changing power of the Holy Spirit and I’ve grown in my giftings.”

David Ledger – Taunton, England, Class of ‘03

Kaitlyn Shleif
“Musically, the School of Worship pushed me to grow in areas that I thought where out of my reach. I felt myself being stretched and challenged to hear things I never could before, try things out of my comfort zone and flow musically well in the Spirit.”

Kaitlyn Schleif – Beach Park, IL., Class of ‘16