Be part of what God is doing through Living Light School of Worship

LLSOW is a non-profit organization with a mission to equip young individuals in their walk with God. Making the commitment to give nine months devoted to this program can be difficult financially and often requires a huge step of faith. We do our best to keep tuition as low as possible in order to make this opportunity available to as many as possible. You can be a part of what God’s doing and sow into the lives of students by giving a tax-deductible donation to Living Light School of Worship.

Give by Check

You can make checks payable to Living Light School of Worship and mail to: 6102 39th Ave. Kenosha, WI. USA 53142

Give Online

You can give online through Subsplash by selecting the School of Worship fund when you get to the confirmation page. Or you can use PayPal.

NOTE: If giving online from outside the United States, you must use a credit card or US based bank account. If you have any questions or need assistance, contact us.

See what students have to say:


“My time at Living Light School of Worship was one of the most impactful and defining years in my life. It not only strengthened me as a musician, but it truly transformed my walk with God.”

Jen Ledger, SKILLET and LEDGER – Class of ’07

“During my year on the School of Worship, I built incredible relationships, had amazing experiences, and encountered the heart of God in transformative ways. My classes were full of opportunities for in-depth study and impactful conversations about worship and the Word of God.”

Mikah Whipple, Lake City, MI – Class of ’20

“A lot of people come into the school of worship thinking it’s just a music school, but it’s not; it’s about worship in every aspect of our lives and fully permeating everything that we do, not just a Sunday morning and not just in our music.”

Andrew Leifker – Cadillac MI, Class of ’15

“In coming to the school, I realized that even though I had previously led thousands of people in worship, I had just scratched the surface of what worship really is. Learning how much God wants to speak to His people in worship has changed the way I lead and my lifestyle as a worshiper.”

Kendra Duffield – Jacksonville, FL., Class of ‘03