Strong Foundations. Intimacy with God

Encounter the glory and majesty of God

God has an outrageous and magnificent plan! He wants to fill His people with His Spirit and reflect His glory and majesty through us. Living Light School of Worship is a nine-month program with a mission to equip lovers of God to hear His voice, grow closer to Him, and spread His fame to the ends of the earth.

Choose Your Track

The School of Worship is a 9-month, full-time program designed to encourage and equip worshipers of God to glorify him in all aspects of life. The School is made up of these core elements: daily praise and worship, doctrinal classes, practical involvement in the life of the church and community, and developing skills in the area of your choice (music or discipleship).
Music Track

The Music Track is for those who want to increase their skill and understanding of music and learn how to apply that skill in worship teams. This track will explore core music classes and includes weekly private lessons in the major they choose.

Discipleship Track

The Discipleship Track is for those who want to grow in character, gain Biblical knowledge, and be equipped to live out the purpose of God in our daily lives.

Music Production Track

Our Music Production track is designed to introduce students to the techniques and tools necessary to begin engineering, mixing and producing live sound as well as studio recording.

“My time at Living Light School of Worship was one of the most impactful and defining years in my life. It not only strengthened me as a musician, but it truly transformed my walk with God.”

Jen Ledger
Living Light School of Worship Class of ’07

9 months will change your life.

Are you ready?