Work while you study

During some academic years, the School of Worship is able to help students manage the cost of their studies through a variety of work study programs.

How much can I earn?

You’ll at least earn the state of Wisconsin’s minimum wage—currently $7.25 an hour. However, you may earn more depending on the type of work and the skills required for the position.

In addition, your total work-study award depends on:

  • When you apply
  • Your level of financial need
  • The School of Worship’s funding level and need

How will I be paid?

Depending on your preference, the School of Worship will either:

  • Pay you directly
  • Send payments to your bank account
  • Apply the money to your education-related institutional charges such as tuition or room and board

Can I work as many hours as I want?

No, the amount you earn can’t exceed your total award. When assigning work hours, your academic progress and overall ability to maintain the required workload are always considered.

I’m an international student—Can I apply for a work-study position?

Unfortunately, due to visa restrictions, we can only offer these positions to domestic students.

Work Study Positions:

Social Media Marketing

  • Student maintains and updates the School of Worship’s social media accounts (Facebook, Instagram, etc.), regularly posting pictures and updates. There will also be specific projects throughout the year (e.g., helping with filming promo projects).
  • (3-5 hours/week, more hours on specific project weeks)

Sound & Technical Support

  • Student manages and cleans stages, ensuring they are in good working order for all practices and worship times.
  • (5-7 hours/week)

Administration Assistant (on-going and/or event-based)

  • Student performs a range of tasks assigned by the School Administrator.
  • (2-5 hours/week)

Media Assistant

  • Student performs a range of tasks assigned by the church’s Media and Communications manager.
  • (5-10 hours/week)

Mobile Church Assistant

  • Student works on Sunday mornings and afternoons, helping setup and teardown for Living Light Kenosha church meetings. More responsibility will be added as the year goes on.
  • (6 hours/week)