Program Overview

At A Glance

Living Light School of Worship is a 9-month full-time music and discipleship program located in Racine, Wisconsin, and is designed for those who wish to grow in leadership, develop as musicians, and anyone desiring to deepen their relationship with God.
Working alongside Living Light Christian Church, the Living Light School of Worship will help you grow in your understanding and expression of extravagant worship to God. Each morning begins with a worship time devoted to glorifying God, experiencing his presence, and engaging in the gifts of the Holy Spirit.

Core Classes

All students participate in these core classes:

Our Mission

Our mission is to encourage and equip worshipers of God to glorify Him in all aspects of life, while growing in revelation of Him, responsiveness to His leading and excellence as servants of God.

Practical Involvement

Our program is fully integrated in the life of the local church. Each student will be integrated into the community of the church through homegroups, discipleship, serving the local church and community, worship teams, outreach events, and more.


Each student will be placed in a Living Light homegroup, which provides a more intimate means of receiving care and input beyond the School of Worship and Sunday church meetings. You will be asked to share with the group the things you are learning and revelation you are receiving to provoke others in their understanding and practice of worshiping God.


Each student will be mentored by a leader in Living Light Christian Church who will regularly meet with them. Their role will be to encourage the student in all areas of life, including the practical outworking of what they are learning from the program.

Serving the Church

Students will be asked to serve in the context of our regular church meetings. Possible areas include assisting in sound engineering, welcoming, power point, children’s church, and youth work.

Serving the Community

Students are involved in a number of community initiatives into underprivileged schools, outreach centers, and nursing homes bringing practical help and the wonderful news of the gospel of Jesus Christ.

Church Worship Teams

Students who show a high level of spiritual and musical maturity may be asked to join a worship team that serves the church body. Such involvement will include regular practices for church meetings.


Students will serve in outreaches when they occur throughout the year. Students will be an integral part of these special events.

Choose Your Track

Music Track

The Music Track is designed for students who want to increase their skill and understanding of music and learn how to apply that skill in worship teams. This track will explore core music classes and includes weekly private lessons in the student's chosen major.

Discipleship Track

The Discipleship Track is designed for students who want to grow in character, gain Biblical knowledge, and be equipped to live out the purpose of God in their daily lives.

Music Production Track

The Music Production Track is designed to introduce students to the techniques and tools necessary to begin engineering, mixing and producing live sound as well as studio recording.

Meet Our Core Staff

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Kal Bergendahl

(Elder, Living Light Kenosha)

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John Pendray


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Shannon Duke

Student Affairs Coordinator

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Emma Pitts


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Chris Marvin

Music Teacher

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John Lalgee

(Apostle, One Church Ministries)

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Scott Goodwill

Bible Teacher
(Teacher, One Church Ministries)

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Kim Lalgee


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Ian Gerrard

Bible Teacher
(Shepherd, One Church Ministries)

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John Myers

Discipleship Teacher


Tracey Bloom


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David Duffield

Music Production Teacher

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