Discipleship Track Overview

The Discipleship Track is for those who want to grow in character, gain Biblical knowledge, and be equipped to live out the purpose of God in our daily lives.

Discipleship Classes

Life Transformation

Become more like Christ by discovering what the Bible says about transformation, spiritual practices, faith, righteousness, and what it means to become a disciple of Christ.

Gaining Wisdom through Proverbs

We live in a generation that often emphasizes the need for obtaining knowledge rather than wisdom. In this class, we will study the book of Proverbs and focus on becoming wise men and women of God amidst a chaotic and superficial world.

Kingdom Worldview

In this class, we will start in the book of Genesis and look at the worldview God has developed throughout the Bible. You will discover what it means to be made in the image of God, God’s purpose and mission for the Church, what the kingdom of God is, how it comes, and how to apply these things to the everyday life.

Growing in Prayer

No matter how busy our lives get, it is of utmost importance that we give time to prayer. The goal of this class is to learn and practice practical habits that reinforce a lifestyle of prayer by being in constant communication with God.

Outworking New Testament Church

When we look at much of the Western church, it seems to have veered away from the model we have been given in the New Testament. Using the Bible as a blueprint, we will learn practical ways to outwork God’s design and purpose for the church. We will explore who the church is, how to live in fellowship with one another, and how to incorporate spiritual gifts in the life of the church.

Pursuing Your Call

The purpose of this course is to take an individualized look at your specific calling in life and develop a plan for pursuing that call. We will look at your unique gifts, abilities, passions and goals. We will identify areas that need growth and tools for becoming a life-long learner.

Personal Effectiveness

Sometimes we try to separate the spiritual and practical in our lives. In this class, we will look at developing practical skills for achieving personal goals, working in teams, task management, and effectiveness in communication.

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