Music Production Track Overview

Our Music Production track is designed to introduce students to the techniques and tools necessary to begin engineering, mixing and producing live sound as well as studio recording. Working alongside our music track, students will learn the foundational concepts of theory, ear-training and keyboarding as they delve into the specifics of Music Production.

Music Production Classes

Live Sound Production

This class covers the techniques essential to produce a high-quality mix for live sound using instruments and vocals. Some topics covered include proper microphone technique, equalization, effects, and dynamics.

Worship Team Engineering

Students will function as part of the worship teams while by engineering for our worship rehearsals and morning worship times. It will also include Sunday morning Church services and special school and church events.

Recording Essentials

This class introduces students to fundamental audio tools while exploring the digital audio workstation environment through an overview of digital audio concepts and practices. Some topics covered include audio basics, signal flow, basic microphone techniques, mix approaches and strategies, audio processors, and basic file and session management.

Studio Engineering

This class explores the digital audio workstation environment through an overview of digital audio concepts and practices. Students will receive practical experience with computer-based recording systems Pro-Tools and Logic. It will also include recording student compositions, special school and church events.

Ear Training I & II

This class involves the study and application of rhythm reading, rhythmic dictation, interval singing, melodic sight singing, melodic dictation and transcription, chord type identification, chord progression dictation, and part-writing.


The objective of this class is to aid the student in developing functional keyboard skills such as scales, chord and melody reading, transposition, and comprehension of basic keyboard theory (for those not majoring in keyboard).

Music Theory I & II

This class consists of studies in pitch and rhythm notation, intervals, all major and minor scales, key signatures, modes, triads and seventh chords, extended chords, chord inversions, contemporary chord symbols, diatonic and non diatonic harmony, voice leading, and elements of structure. All concepts are presented in a contemporary music model with the goal of clear application and usage.

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