Chris Marvin

Music Teacher

Chris Marvin, originally from Oklahoma, started his music career early on – singing before he could talk and playing guitar professionally at age 16. He moved to Kenosha in 2003 to do the School of Worship, where he met is wife, then Rosalie “Ro” Pingitore. He and his wife Rosalie now have a daughter, Vera, a son, Oliver, and a dog named Dexter.

Chris plays and tours in the band The Spark, with whom they’ve released two full-length albums and two EPs. He and his wife Ro released a new worship EP “The Calm” in 2017.  He is actively involved in music writing, teaching, and performing in various capacities, including: leading worship as a solo artist, leading worship teams, teaching at the Living Light School of Worship, writing and arranging worship for One Church Ministries, teaching private guitar lessons at Guitar Center, and freelance songwriting and music programming.